• Sold By: BestSavers

    MSI MAX F12A-3H FAN -Control is in Your Hands

    Sold By: BestSavers

    The 4-PIN PWM design fully supports speed control via the MSI Dragon Center or BIOS setting. This gives users a more complete overview of their fans’ performance as well as the option to decide what they want for their fans.
    Noise and vibration are both reduced with the brand new anti-vibration gasket pad. The silicone made pad is shock-absorbing and is capable of reducing the vibration of the fan to the minimum. This decreases the fans’ noise and improves the overall users’ experiences.
    Connect the LED Switch port on the hub to the front panel of the chassis to make the reset button an LED effect button. (The reset button and the led effect button cannot work at the same time)

    Estimated delivery date 2021/10/23

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