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    Laperva slimming Grasso burner 40bags80g new

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    Grasso Burner Tea (40 Teabags * 2 g)

    This proprietary blend of tea was formulated to target fat oxidation, boost metabolism and increase antioxidants level in the body.
    These components play a major role in aiding the body to burn more fat.

    Features and Benefits:
    Metabolism booster.
    Mitochondrial protection.
    Optimizing fat oxidation.
    Energy Booster.
    Reduced bad cholesterol in the blood.


    Estimated delivery date 2024/05/29
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    Laperva slimming slender plus perfect portion + line 540g

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    LAPERVA Slender Plus

    It is a complete slimming program that contains two weight loss products, one for burning fat (Perfect Line) and the other for reducing appetite (Perfect Portion).
    It also contains a waist measuring tape and a 100-page book that contains (Nutritional tips, package details, the NUTRI DIET PROGRAM, the POINTS DIET PROGRAM, some exercise, and the numbers of our branches).
    Here are the details of the Integrated Package for Slimming:

    Perfect line
    Perfect line is a food supplement with Acai, Karkadè and Green Coffee that helps in lipids and carbohydrates metabolism while supported with Green Tea that promotes weight control, facilitates the elimination of excess fluids.

    Perfect Portion
    Useful in promoting a sense of feeling full and reducing appetite. Perfect Portion is a food supplement with Glucomannan and short chain F.O.S. (plant fiber) which, in association with a supervised low-calorie weight-reduction diet is useful in fostering a sense of feeling full and in contrasting the absorption of fats and sugars. Perfect Portion also contains Pineapple and Elderberry extracts that help promote the body’s purifying and draining processes.

    Made In Italy.

    Laperva is a registered trademark by the European Union. Reg No 015133507

    Estimated delivery date 2024/05/29

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